How to Decrease the Dust When Impact Crusher is Running?

2013-09-02 15:13:10

When the impact crusher is running, the impact process will bring about a lot of dust, and the rotor rotates at a high speed, which brings about a lot of air flow, that air flow will blow the dust away.

Impact crushers are used widely in the crushing plant and cement production line, and nowadays, the government pay much more attentions on protecting the environment, so they will not allow a large amount of dust occurs in any place pollute the environment. So the crushing plant or cement production line owners should pay much more attention to find ways of decreasing the dust due to the running of the impact crusher.

To solve the problem of the dust, there are several ways as follows:

1.    Set up a dust collector around the impact crusher;
2.    Make a shield to cover the impact crusher;
3.    Inject little amount of water to the feeding material and make them become wet or fix a humidifier on the impact crusher.

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