How to Reduce the Abrasion of Jaw Plates?

2014-11-21 16:29:00

As we all know, jaw plates play a key role in jaw crusher. As primary crushing equipment, jaw crusher usually absorbs in large and hard materials with impurities which tend to cause terrible abrasion to its jaw plates. Therefore, it is important to take effective measures to reduce the abrasion of the jaw plates. Then how to reduce abrasion of jaw plates, let us learn from the following aspects:

1.    Enhance the tightness of the jaw plate. It is supposed to use tooth shaped jaw plate for jaw crusher, and put a layer of lining material of excellent plasticity between the jaw plate and the jaw head so that different jaw plates touch each other stably with reduced abrasion.

2.    Improve the abrasion resistance of the jaw plate. It is recommended to use jaw plate made of ultra-hard, ultra-tough, high wear resistant, and high impact resistant materials. Jaw plates made from high manganese alloy consistent with the previous requirement are widely used for advanced jaw crushers in practice.

3.    Control the input material size of jaw crusher. Generally, the input material size should be within 85% of the maximum feeding size of the jaw crusher to prevent overlarge rocks from over-abrading or damaging the jaw plates for crushing effect and efficiency.