How to choose suitable jaw crusher?

2014-11-25 14:40:52

Now crusher market competition is intense and all kinds of crusher manufacturers are creating their own product characteristics.As a result, our choice is wide and it leads to some users choose our jaw crusher become disoriented and don’t know how to choose suitable jaw crusher. UNIQUE company provide some professional advice.


1, You must exactly know what kind of material, you want a broken jaw crusher is used for materials compressive strength less than 350 million Mpa.If the raw material size is too big,you can choose large jaw crusher;small size materials can choose small jaw crusher.

2, According to their actual situation and requirements of the finished material technology, such as some fine grinding process can also be done directly by the finely jaw crusher. It cost savings at the same time also can meet the requirements.

3, We should field trip and visit more broken lines and crusher manufacturer. The factory should equip with a large number of crusher equipment products at any time to make customer choose.

4, UNIQUE is committed to provide customers with high efficiency, energy saving jaw crusher equipment, reasonable price, and establish long-term stable contact with old customers and maintains good relations of cooperation.

5, Pay attention to after-sales. Users need to choose jaw crusher manufacturers advisory comparison.To understand the technology of the jaw crusher enterprise, technology situation of jaw crusher is a top priority for the large crushing equipment.