How to Deal with Material Plugging Problem of Stone Crushers?

2014-12-15 17:00:38

Stone crushers are the key equipment of stone crushing plant. However, in the crushing process, sometimes the stone crushers will be plugged. Then, how to solve this problem? Engineers from our company will give you some suggestions in the following:

Material feeding is too fast, which greatly increase the load of crushers. Hence, when feeding the material, users’ shall pay attention to the angular deflection of the ampere meter’s pointer. If it is too big and the current has surpassed the rated current that indicates the motor is over-load. Long time over-load will damaged the motor. At this moment, users’ shall turn down of turn off the feeding door or change the feeding method. Users’ can control the feeding amount by add feeders. There two types of feeder: manual type and automatic type. Users’ shall select feeder type according to their actual situation.

This problem may also concern to the design of crusher. If the users operate it professionally, that will also reduce the occurrence frequency of this problem.

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