How to Improve Efficiency and Prolong the Life of Sand Making machine?

2014-07-23 15:04:59

Sand Making machine is now playing a more and more important role in engineering construction.If the Sand Making machine can be used properly, we can definitely improve its efficiency and prolong its working life of the Sand Making machine.

1.The Sand Making machine must be started without any material inside it.

2.Only when Sand Making machine is operated in a normal way can operators feed the materials into it. According to different raw materials and various demands, we are able to properly configure the corollary equipment and arrange proper operational training to the operating staff so that they will know about the operational process of the sand making machine in order to minimize the pause phenomena resulting from mistakes and wrong operations.

3.They should also  examine and maintain the machine regularly in case some bad phenomena occur. The sand making machine should be regularly lubricated, which is an effective way to improve the working efficiency.The adding quantity should be one second to two thirds of the empty chamber of the bearing. The staring order of the whole set of sand making machine production line is material discharging, crusher and material feeding.

4.Before installing the sand making machine, the sand making machine customers should check it according to the instructions; to see whether there is any friction and whether it is complete during the transportation process of various kinds of spare parts.

5.When people try to install the device, they should adjust the new type of sand making machine in order to make its main axle vertical to the horizontal plane and the upper part and both sides of the sand making machine should be left some space for crane and future examination and maintenance.