How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Cone Crusher?

2014-08-11 15:45:53


The maximum efficiency of the crushing process will depend directly on the feeding configuration. If the feeding amount is appropriate, the cone crusher can achieve efficient operation. There are three ways to improve the working efficiency of cone crusher.

1. We should understand the results caused by inappropriate feeding. Generally, incorrect and uneven feeding will have the following impact. The production capacity will be reduced. The particle size of the damaged articles will be too large. The displacement of the adjustment ring is too large. The pressure of the bearing is too great and the consumption is the most.

2. After we have understood the bad impact caused by the incorrect feeding, we will explore the positive significance caused by correct feeding. The feeding box will be helpful to ensure the even distribution of the mixed materials. The macrosegregation between the fine materials and the coarse materials should be ensured to the minimum degree to reduce the attrition of the liner to the hilt. The pre-screening is very necessary for both short head cone crusher and the standard cone crusher. The viscous materials should be screened in the feeding materials, which can effectively avoid the clogging phenomenon of the materials, too much movement of the adjustment ring and the low production efficiency of the machine. In addition, a metal detector is very necessary in order to get rid of the metal object which may cause movement of the adjustment ring. Controlling the feeding speed of the crusher machine is very important.

3. The configuration of the discharging equipment is different with the change. The structure should meet the basic requirements of the foundation drawing. The discharging room can be made of metal or wood. There should be a checking hole in the discharging room in order to clean and check the room.