How to Maintain the Vibrating Feeder?

2014-07-28 16:02:44

As crushing equipment with low noise, low power consumption and excellent regulation performance, the vibrating feeder plays a vital role in the dressing production line. In order to prolong its life, the maintaince of vibrating feeder is very important.

1. It is better to check the amplitude, current of vibration motor and surface temperature of the electrical machine regularly in the operation process of vibrating feeder. It demands that the amplitude should be even and not sway no matter at the beginning or in the end. And the current of vibration motor should be stable. If the machine is in the case of abnormal condition, it is better to stop the processing of machine immediately.
2. The lubrication of the vibration motor bearing is the key to the normal operation of the whole vibrating feeder. In the use process, it is better to put the lubricating grease into the bear termly. Usually, the grease should be put every two months. But in the high temperature season, the grease should be put every month. And the electrical machine should be overhauled semiannually, at the same time, change the internal bear.