How to Make the Ball Mill Reach Max. Operating Rate?

2014-12-11 16:40:02

Before establishing an ore dressing plant, the plant owner shall communicate with the project manager about how to design the ore dressing plant to make the ball mill reach the max. Operating rate.

For a modern ore dressing plant which consists of a large-scale primary ball mill and secondary ball mill, the owner might invest in RMB 1 billion. If we don’t adopt the right maintenance method, such a high investment will not get the max return rate, might only reach 90% of the estimated operating rate. So in the process of actual operation, the owners need to invest about 0.2% of the total investment to choose the right ball mill liner system, in order to improve the operating rate to 98% of the estimated operating rate. 

The ore dressing plant owner shall communicate with the project manager effectively. They shall be familiar with the newly-developing message, such as the up sizing tendency of the ball mill liner caused by the appearance of ball mill liner change system which enables the older liner dismantling and new liner installation.

The ore dressing plant owners are suggested to consider the problem of liner changing in the initial stage of establishment of ore dressing plant.