How to maximize the capacity of a crushing plant

2014-06-23 14:42:31



As we all know that if you want to set up a crushing plant you need put a lot of investment in it. So the owner of the crushing plant always wants to maximize the capacity of the whole crushing plant. As a professional supplier of complete crushing plant, Zhengzhou Unique would like to introduce several tips to achieve the maximum capacity of the crushing plant:

1. Control the feeding size of the material strictly. Make sure you never feed oversized material, which is bigger than the feeding mouth of the crusher, to the crusher. It may damage the crusher.
2. You should have enough supplies of raw material to make sure every crusher get its maximum feeding capacity.
3. The layout design of the whole crushing plant should be correct and all the foundations of the crushers should be smooth and firm.
4. There should be a convenient and effective transportation for both of the raw material and the final products.