How to Purchase Fit Crushing Equipments?

2014-08-29 15:30:57


Crushing equipment is widely used in construction industry and mining equipment industry, the investment of it is high, the service life of crusher are usually very short, so the fittings of crusher and itself need replace frequently. Besides, there are many crusher manufacturers in the market now, including crushers with various types and quality. Thus, when select and purchase crusher, users should pay much attention to the following points.

First of all, you had better investigate several manufactures, including capacity, reputation and scale etc. Besides, you had better go and visit the workplace, focus on product quality, production process, technical level, production maturity.

If possible, it is better to visit the producing spot build for customers with manufactures, because producing spot is most authorized and reliable.

At last, when you sign contract with manufacturer, you read contract term seriously. If you find any faults, you should supply timely for avoiding unnecessary economic loss after signing the contract.

In addition, before installation at site, company will send professional and technical personnel opened for inspection, guidance installation and commissioning, and provide related technical training services.

Generally, cyanide process is used after flotation separation to get higher grade concentrate, or used to process the tailing after gravity concentration to enhance the recovery.