How to Solve the Higher Temperature of Bearing in Sand Production Line?

2014-11-19 15:40:36

Crushing machine is one of the primary mining sets in the sand production line. And we all know that the crushing operation can be realized by the motor of crusher, so the situation of higher temperature of the bearing of the crusher is one common case after the long servicing time in the operation of sand production line.

1.    The increasing friction of the part pieces will cause the temperature being roused fast when the bearing cap of the crusher is too tight. So we should regulate the tightness of the connecting bolts which is asked to remain elastic fit in order to decrease some uncommon situation in the operation.

2.    To keep the regular lubrication in the daily life will decrease the frication which is useful to decrease the heat because of the frication. The shortage of the bearing will cause the increasing of the friction between the part pieces when there is not enough lubrication being treated on the bearing, which is the main reason causing the higher temperature. So the daily maintenance on the crushing machine should pay some attention to the lubrication of the bearing, and the lubricating oil should be proved to be suitable.

3.    The operator should replace the bearing once something like this is happening in the sand production line such as the situations; the one is the excessive grinding of the bearing and something else.

The last is to pay attention to the higher temperature caused by the excessive pouring oil in the production line.

In conclusion, the maintenance operation should be ruled according to the strict guiding of the manufacturer producing the sand production line, and the customers should give a call to the manufacturer once something that uncommon is happening in the operation, and don't treat the little case had happening in the operation as the petty thing.