The Advices of Crushing Equipment in Beneficiation Plant (1)

2015-02-02 16:51:13

Crushing Equipment is not only used in Sand Making Plant and Stone Production Line, but also applied in Beneficiation Plant.It can reduce the producing cost of Beneficiation Plant, and improve the fineness of the ore. Of course there exist some problems in materials crushing and grinding systems. Small beneficiation plants produce pre-crushing ore with size of about 25mm, which decrease much of the beneficiation efficiency. 

In general, Grinding Machine belongs to Fine-crushing Equipment. Its efficiency reaches lowest point when the 25mm-size products are crushed to 80um-size particles. When we process 1 ton ore with medium hardness, the power consumption is about 25KWH.  

Advanced crushing craft, in comparison, can process ore to 10mm, which makes the power consumption only 13 KWH when processing 1 ton ore. Today Unique Company will introduce the solution which is to adhere a Fine-crushing Equipment in Beneficiation Plant, especially in Flotation Beneficiation Plant. Fine-crushing Equipment costs 5KWH when crushing 1 ton materials, which makes the whole power consumption in crushing and grinding systems reduced by 7KWH. 

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