The Work Principle of Impact Crushers

2016-01-07 15:45:16

The impact crusher is an important one of UNIQUE crusher machines. The impact crusher is mainly used for crushing various materials and finely divided, with strong crushing capacity, crushing ratio, easy maintenance, etc. In the highway construction, water conservancy and construction processing and other areas of gravel have a wide range of applications.
The impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine used impact energy broken material, high crushing efficiency, what is its working principle? Let's take a look.
The impact crushers use high-speed rotation of the rotor of the material into the crushing chamber to produce high-speed impact and crushing, and so crushed material tangentially thrown to the other side of a high speed crushing chamber back plate, again to be broken, then rebounded from the back plate to plate hammer, continue to repeat the process. In commuting, as well as between each other carom material effect.
Because of the material being given the plate hammer blow, collision impact with the back plate and the material between each other, the material constantly cracks, loose caused the crush. When the gap material size fish back plate and the plate between the hammer, it was discharged.