What’s the Working Principle of Impact Crusher?

2014-12-25 17:20:52

Impact crusher for sale is a popular stone crusher machine. The features of impact crusher are as follows:

1. Big feeding opening, high crushing cavity, used for crushing high hardness and large lump material, and  only producing few product powder.

2. Adjustable clearance between impact plate and board hammer can make you effectively control the discharging size and particle shape of products.

3. Equipped with shock-resistance and wear-resistance high-chromium board hammer

4. Economic and reliable non-key connection makes maintenance easier;

5. With entire crushing function, high productivity, parts with less abrasion.

6. Cubic shape of the products

Working Principle of Impact Crusher

Stone Impact crusher is a king of high-efficiency crushing equipment. It uses plate hammer on the rapidly rotating rotor to generate high-speed impact to crush the materials in the crushing cavity, and casts the crushed materials along tangential direction to impact plate at the other end of the crushing cavity. The materials are crushed again, and then, they return to the plate hammer to undergo the process above repeatedly. The materials are bumping with each other when being sent between the plate hammer and the impact plate. The materials become cracked, loose and then com-minuted by knocking by the plate hammer, impact with impact plate and bump between materials. The materials with grain size smaller than the gap between impact plate and plate hammer will be discharged.

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