What will be Influence on the Capacity of Stone Crushers?

2014-12-19 17:10:44

Increasing the capacity of the stone crushers is the most important thing in the operation of the whole stone crushing plant. Here are five factors that influence the capacity of the stone crushers as follows:

1. The hardness of the raw material.
2. The moisture of the raw material. If the moisture is high, the raw material will stuck on the crushing cavity, which will obstacle the discharge of the crushed material;
3. The final products size. The finer the final product is, the smaller the capacity will be;
4. The fines percentage in the input material. You can screen the fines out before they are fed into the stone crushers;
5. The wear resistances of the quick wear parts. Stone crushers with stronger wear resistance have higher crushing capacity. You should check the working conditions of the quick wear parts regularly, and change them in time to avoid the deceasing capacity.

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