advantages of impact crusher

2016-02-25 11:11:26

 advantages of impact crusher
In all mining machinery and crushing equipment,impact crusher is one of the most common, also is one of the most commonly used, but also a kind of indispensable, with this other crusher have no advantage, gain a foothold in the crushing equipment.Below as an introduction to counterattack broken 5 big advantage.

1.Impact crusher can effectively deal with large moisture content of materials, in case of congestion

Disposed of in accordance with the excessive moisture of the material, the counterattack broken feed trough and back can be equipped with heating device, in case of bonding materials, the equipment is equipped with the sieve plate at the bottom does not need to prevent clogging.

2.Impact crusher is not only suitable for soft materials, hard materials can also be used in large

Machine to staunch the rotor, setting reasonable structure, as the rotor rotate at the moment of inertia, the background rotor break greater momentum, crushing more difficult to adapt to the material and reducing power consumption.
3.Impact crusher can be easily to adjust and discharge of the flexible particle size range

Can adjust the discharging grain size, such as the rotor speed, adjustable backboard, grinding room, through a variety of regulation ways, gap adjustment, can be adjusted mechanical or hydraulic, hydraulic pressure regulating system, can easily operate button or remote operation, to complete the space adjustment.

4.Impact crusher led to reduce wear and tear, and high utilization, less defects

When the rotor speed is normal, will descend to hammer surface, back and side plate hammer is not wear and tear, at the same time, the device is easy to change, at the bottom of the bits and pieces of metal plate can effectively use and wear in front and back and side, relative to the plate hammer, hammer head wear more serious, and rotor institution itself may be worn.

5.Impact crusher easily replaced maintenance, less cost, report objectively

The device on the rotor only install 6 plate hammer, use special tools can easily design to hammer plate replacement, replacement of a plate hammer is a shift with the time.