Advantage of European type PEW Series Jaw Crusher

2020-07-18 15:11:14

Advantage of European type PEW Series Jaw Crusher

Stable structure and reliable performance
The bearing housing adopts an integral cast steel structure, which avoids unnecessary frame burden caused by the two-piece bearing cavity and improves the stability of the entire structure. In addition, the heavy eccentric shaft is made of forged blanks, making PEW series jaw crushers very reliable. V-shaped toothed guard "V" means "V". The design of the type crushing cavity and the toothed protection plate is more reasonable, ensuring the consistency of the actual feed size and the theoretical feed size, effectively increasing the crushing area, and the material will not block the material in the crushing cavity.
The breakage rate and yield increase the utilization rate of the seesaw. The hydraulic control transparent chamber is equipped with a hydraulic oil station to ensure that the machine lubrication system supplies oil to the lubricated parts of the machine and provides guarantee for the safe operation of the machine.
At the same time, if the crusher stops under load, the hydraulic cleaning system can quickly clean the crushing chamber, greatly reducing downtime. Wedge-shaped device adjustment The rapid wedge-shaped outlet adjustment system allows the machine to pick the outlet to a predetermined value within a few minutes even when idling, and compared with the old gasket outlet, it is automated with the cooperation of the hydraulic system. . Adjusting the system is simpler, safer and faster.