Comparison of stationary & mobile stone crushing plant

2019-08-24 14:33:00

Comparison of stationary & mobile stone crushing plant

Stone crushing plant is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, highway, construction materials and other industries, it crushes the material into gravel and aggregate to meet the needs of various industries. It has 2 types: stationary stone crushing plant and mobile stone crushing plant.
1. The capacity that can be reached is larger and the required working area is larger.
2. It can design the stone crushing plant according to working area.
3. It can be equipped with different stone crushers as needed, and the flexibility of the configuration machine is higher.
4. The price of same capacity is lower than mobile type.
5. Easy to maintenance and longer service life.
1. It can work in smaller working area , but its capacity is limited.
2. The machine configuration is reasonable, the running is smoother and the operation is convenient.
3. It can work in the production site of raw material, saving the transportation cost of materials
4. It can be transferred to another working site after it finishes