How to adjust the crushing fineness of the mining machinery jaw crusher

2021-04-05 14:06:21

How to adjust the crushing fineness of the mining machinery jaw crusher
Jaw crushers are generally used as the first crusher for ore crushing. The fineness of the jaw crusher can be adjusted, so users can adjust the crusher equipment according to the granularity required by the consultation. The specific adjustment methods are described below. a bit:
1. The working principle of the backing plate adjustment device is to put a set of adjusting backing plates behind the rear thrust plate support. When the number or thickness of the backing plates is changed, the back thrust plate may migrate or retreat, and both can achieve the adjustment of the width of the discharge opening. the goal of. This kind of adjusting device has a simple and compact structure and does not increase the weight of the whole machine much. For this reason, it is very suitable for large and medium-sized jaw crushers. It is a highly differentiated stress adjusting device.
2. Electronically controlled adjustment mechanism can realize the adjustment and detection of the jaw crusher very quickly and effectively. The change of stroke can be used to make the adjustment mechanism automatically return to stress induction during microcirculation collection. Under the action of this adjustment method, the jaw crushing opportunity becomes very sensitive, and the control of the particle size series will become more and more precise. After passing the initial cycle process, its adjustment will gradually increase, and at the end it will reach a balanced state. Through the hydraulic control of the balance torsion bar, the opening degree of the jaw plate can be driven, thereby avoiding the possibility of repeated operations to a certain extent, and providing the maximum degree of discrimination and accuracy.
3. Use inclined iron for auxiliary adjustment
   The oblique iron is used to adjust the width of the discharge opening. The rear oblique iron can be raised and lowered by bolts or worm gears or chain drives. The front oblique iron is installed in the guide grooves on the two side walls of the frame and can only move horizontally. When the rear inclined iron is lifted, the front inclined iron moves forward along the guide groove due to the relationship of the inclined plane, the thrust plate and the movable jaw move forward with it, and the width of the discharge opening decreases accordingly. Conversely, when the rear inclined iron drops, the width of the discharge opening increases. Unique is the first to use the inclined iron as an auxiliary method in practice, and has been unanimously affirmed by users, because this kind of adjustment device can achieve stepless adjustment, and there is no need to stop during adjustment.
    The above methods are obvious for the adjustment of the output particle size of the jaw crusher. The user can adjust the jaw crusher according to the particle size required by the user to better complete the ore crushing work.