Improving Crusher Industry Technology in China

2014-11-28 15:11:35



More crushing less grinding is a basic principle of metal mines for decades to save energy and reduce consumption and improve the economic benefit.

The progress of the crushing equipment mainly displays in the application of new type jaw crusher, double cavity jaw crusher, double cavity impact crusher and practical broken equipment. The efficient crushing granularity of cone crusher can eventually reach an average of 5 ~ 8 mm.

We have developed high-pressure roll press to take the place of fine grinding and coarse grinding. Nanshan mining company iscurrently carrying out the mining industrial experiment. In addition, thevertical mill also has the certain application in some mines, which has a largerange to save energy and reduce consumption. The system output can be improvedby 30% - 50% with high efficiency and small impact on environment.
Improving crusher industry technology in China is along-term work, which especially needs to transform the scientific research achievements into productivity.