Some Tips for Operating Cone Crusher

2013-08-26 10:49:24

Some Tips for Operating Cone Crusher:
1.    Before starting up cone crusher, check the lubrication system, the crushing cavity and tightness of the bolts;
2.    Firstly starting up the oil pump. After five to ten minutes, check the working condition of the lubrication system. If it is normal, then start up the motor of cone crusher;
3.    Before feeding the cone crusher, it should run with on load for one or two minutes. After feeding, check the feeding process if there is obstruction. And also check the discharge opening to make sure the below accumulating output material will not block the discharging process;
4.    When shutting down the machine, firstly stop feeding the cone crusher. After all the material in the crushing cavity is crushed and discharged out of the cone crusher, then stop the motor, finally stop the oil pump.
5.    After shutting down the machine, check every part of the cone crusher, and solve the problem timely if there is.

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