Spring Cone Crusher Needs to be Maintained Properly

2014-12-02 16:12:17

Each kind of mining equipment requires meticulous care, especially the complex equipment. Among the jaw crusher, impact crusher and other crushing and screening equipment, cone crusher is more sophisticated, and the process more complex, so we should carry out proper maintenance.The maintenance of Cone crusheris extremely important and need to be regular. It should be closely coordinated with the operation. The solution is different according to specific situation. Here is the concrete example. We will have problems in the actual operation. 

First, bearings of cone crusher undertake the load for machine, so a good lubrication for the bearing life is of great importance, for it directly affects the service life and running rate, which requires the lubricating oil must be clean and well-sealed. The oil-injecting parts of this machine mainly includes rotating bearing, roller bearing, all of the gears, mobile bearing. 

Secondly the tyre of the cone crusher that newly installed is prone to loose and should be checked regularly. Pay attention to each part of the machine if it works smoothly and the degree of abrasion. Keep in mind to replace the worn parts. 
Optimal maintenance for cone crusher.cone crusher is not only keeping it in good operation state, and reduces unnecessary cost. Especially after the developing of the new type of hydraulic cone crusher, the technology and maintenance demand is higher; the correct maintenance also is a way to keep sustainable development for enterprises.