Suggestions for Using Cone Crusher

2013-04-08 10:44:15

1. While Cone crusher is at work, feeding should be uniform, no segregation. Uneven feeding will cause to reduce production capacity, product size is too large, frequent spring action, bowl-shaped bearing big pressure and increased power consumption.

2. There must be iron removal device to prevent the iron going into crushing chamber, if iron frequently goes to crushing chamber, it may cause axis-broken accident.

3. It is necessary to do full load production to, otherwise the granularity of final product is too coarse.

4. The allocation of crushing ratio in the production line must be reasonable, in order to maximize the efficiency of the cone crusher.

5. Spring pressure can not be too tight, too much pressure will occur to axis-broken accident. Too small spring pressure will frequently cause spring move up and down, it will affect crusher’s normal operation, and the product will be too coarse.

6. Lube oil temperature can not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the machine running.

7. Lubricating oil needs to be changed frequently, can not be too dirty, if too dirty, gear, socket line and sleeve wear rate will accelerate, even the sleeve will be locked.

8. Drive belt installation can not be too tight, otherwise it will cause the drive shaft rotation to be not flexible or broken; nor too loose, otherwise it would cause a stuffy cone crusher.

9. The feed can not be too wet too sticky, the fine-grained product can not be too much and large, otherwise it would cause a stuffy crusher.

10. Ore jam at Cone crusher discharge opening will cause stuffy crusher also.

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