The Advices of Crushing Equipment in Beneficiation Plant (2)

2015-02-05 17:30:50

What’s more, the costs of hammer and sieve plate in pre-crushing Fine-crushing Equipment are much lower than those of other crushing machines. For a beneficiation plant that process 0.1 million tons ore, the whole consumption can be reduced by 0.4 million yuan.Fine-crushing Equipment has many types, but the choices provided are little.For instance, Hammer Crusher.  

No matter whether it is a Vertical Shaft Impact Hammer Crusher or a Reversible Impact Hammer Crusher, some disadvantages are present, such as the short-term life of hammers and sieve plates, the large cost of power consumption, and the inconvenient maintenance. 
So we should choose another piece of equipment with features of long-term life and high  producing efficiency.  

A Cone Crusher may be a good choice in Beneficiation Plant, such as a Magnetic Beneficiation Plant. Different Fine-crushing Equipment has different advantages, so we should take every factor into account and choose one most available crushing machine. 
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