The Common Knowledge of Sand Washer that You Should Know

2017-12-13 09:54:14



Unique company is a professional mining machinery manufacturer. Many mining machines made by our company are inevitable in the gravel production line, such as the crushing machine, sand making machine, powder grinding machine, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, and so on. Next, our bucket-wheel sand washer will be introduced to you.

The bucket-wheel sand washer is a kind of common used sand washing equipment in the gravel production line. Especially, the 2800-type bucket-wheel sand washer is widely used. Then, you must want to know the probable price of this kind of sand washer. We will introduce it to you in brief.

There are three kinds of 2800-type bucket-wheel sand washers, which are the single-bucket sand washer, the double-bucket sand washer, and the three-bucket one. However, the outputs of the sand washers of different types are different. The 2800-type bucket-wheel sand washer is equipped with the 7.5kw motor, the power consumption of which is about 5-6°per hour. The 2800-type bucket-wheel sand washer can wash 50-100 tons of sand per hour, which has outdistanced that of the common sand washing equipment.
Generally, the 2800-type single-bucket sand washer sells for 28,000 yuan while the 2800-type double-bucket sand washer sells for 36,000 yuan. However, you’d better visit our production site and we will provide you with different quotes of different sand washers.