The Environment-friendly Solution of Urban Construction Waste

2014-10-24 15:04:23

All of these years, the urban construction waste has been the headache of the urban management of the government. China has the largest construction scale in the world, and urban construction waste has been the main solid waste in cities. But our main treatment to urban construction waste is stacking and back-filling, on that condition, our recycling ratio is even less than 5%, which is far away from the 95% recycling ratio in Europe and America.

Back-filling of urban construction waste will take large scale of land, and for a long time, the lime and the paint in the construction waste will badly pollute the river, the topsoil and the underground water source. The open burning of the stacking urban construction waste will cause poison air and badly pollute the air. That will damage the health of people who live in cities and impede our urbanization.

In a word, the whole society should pay much attention to the recycling of urban construction waste. Zhengzhou Unique Industry Equipment Company has invented construction waste recycling plant. It can sharply increase the utilization ratio of urban construction waste and turn the waste into waste.