Things You Need to Know for Operating the Stone Crushers

2014-11-10 15:19:30

During the daily operation of a complete crushing plant, the site workers must be aware of the following precautions, or it may bring about damage to the machine, and will increase the operation cost of the whole crushing plant.

1.    Never start the stone crusher when there is still crushed stone in it, or it will damage the motor due to excessive starting pressure of the motor;

2.    Every stone crusher has its max. feeding size. If you feed oversized material into it, it will block the inlet of the crusher and may shut down the machine, and it may even damage the machine;

3.    Daily maintenance is very necessary. After operation of a certain period, the site workers should check the conditions of the lubricating system and inject lubrication oil regularly. Timely daily maintenance can increase the service life of the whole crushing plant;

4.    Many components of stone crushers are fixed together by bolts. After a certain period of vibration, the bolts may become loose, so the site workers should check the conditions of the bolts and fasten them if they are loose.