What is the features of impact crusher?

2021-05-06 17:15:22

What is the features of impact crusher?

Impact crusher is widely used in mining industry, for it produces good cubic shape of aggregates and these good quality aggregates are used for building high quality infrastructure. The position of the impact crusher is always used as secondary stage crushing. In some countries, it is called rotary crusher.

Impact crushers have strong processing ability and good particle shape. The crushing rate of the impact crusher is large. The gap between the impact plate and the rotor can be flexibly controlled, this also control the discharged particle size, and the particle shape is good.

Good structure and reliable performance. it is light and reasonable, the crushing performance is good. The quality is reliable and stable. The material adaptability is wide. Energy saving, low cost, etc.

The crushing production line effectively reduces the operating costs. Wear parts and long life High-strength wear-resistant, hammer, ribbed at the joints, increase hammer strength, service life and safety.