What is the Role of the Grid Plate of Lattice-type Ball Mill?

2013-04-02 11:04:25

The grid plate is a unique part of the lattice-type ball mill. Grid plate, the center liner, and dustpan liner compose of ore-discharging grid. Know from the media in the mill and the movement of the material, for the radially arranged grid hole, when the slurry (or material powder) is in contact with grid plate, it is vertically movable. The slurry flow through the grid holes is not easy to return to the cylinder, thus clogging often occurs. Main role of grid plate is as below,

1. Forced discharging material (low-level discharging ore), mineral material turnover is quick, light grinding, good for helping to improve the ball mill capacity.

2. Sieving effect, to prevent the discharge of bulk mineral and grated medium. The lattice grid plate hole should meet the requirement of unobstructed ore discharge, not easily clogged. Lattice arrangement of holes has a variety of ways:

  • Arranged in concentric: slurry flow smoothly thru the lattice hole of ball mill, lattice hole badly worn, slurry easily reflux.
  • Radiation arranged: mineral particles instantly by centrifugal force through the grid plate, along the hole to move out, likely to cause congestion.
  • The inclined arrangement: this arrangement overcomes the shortcomings of the concentric and radiation Ordering, widely adopted. The plaid hole width of the plaid liner gradually expanded to the direction of the ore-discharging (trapezoid), prevents the pulp backflow and blockage of ore chunks.