How to Maintain and Repair Stone Jaw Crusher?

2013-08-19 11:11:08

Nowadays, stone jaw crusher is widely used in the crushing and mining industry, and it is very important to maintenance and repair the stone jaw crusher for sale regularly.

Here are some tips for the maintenance and repair works of stone jaw crusher as follows:

1.    Shut down the jaw crusher and check it regularly. Check the wear degree of the spare parts and change them if needed;
2.    Check the transmission belt regularly. Adjust the tightness of the transmission belt to avoid the uneven stress distribution. Change the transmission belt if it wears out.
3.    Lubrication works of the components. Inject appropriate amount of lubrication grease every 100 working hours; clean the bearing every 2000 working hours; change the bearing every 7200 working hours;
4.    Minor repair mainly includes adjusting the discharge opening; changing the wear-out parts; repair the transmission part; injecting the lubrication oil and grease and so on. And the period of the minor repair is one to three months;
5.    Medium repair includes changing the toggle plate, liners and so on. The period is one to two years;
6.    Major repair includes changing the eccentric shaft of the movable jaw. The period is five years.

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