How to Maintain Sand Washer Machine for Sale?

2013-08-14 11:25:58

Due to its own shape characteristics, this sand washer machine, also known as sand washing machine, is also called wheel type sand washer. Sand washer machine is mainly composed of gears, reducers, brackets, motors and several other components. After reducing the speed to the set value by gear wheel, sand washing machine will drive the impeller. When the material was fed into the sand washing tank, the finished sand stone will be cleaned by the impeller blade.

Because of such working principle, the sand washing machine shall be bear huge load, so it is required to pay more attention to the maintenance of the sand washer machine:
1.    During running of sand washer, sometimes some light noise can be heard. It means that the bearing might be abraded. At this time, the worker shall stop the sand washer machine, wipe the sand washer by abrasive paper and then clean it by gasoline and ethanediol.
If there is no sound like “geng geng”, that means the steel ring on the surface of the bearing breaks, so it is necessary to stop the bearing and change the steel ring. Otherwise the bearing will be damaged. If the abrasion sound made by the running bearing and the steel ring is obvious, it means that the lubrication oil is lacked, do supplement it immediately.
2.    The daily dismantlement and inspection of bearing. After dismantling the bearing, do check it to see whether there is obvious abrasion, corrosion or fracture; and then manually rotate the steel ring of the bearing to check whether the rotating is smooth or not. If it is blocked, it means the inner part of the bearing is abraded or damaged, do overhaul it and then change the parts.
3.    Do add the lubrication oil, change the seal ring, clean the bearing regularly. Operating the sand washer can largely improve its working efficiency and prolong its service life.

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