Artificial Sand

2013-03-25 10:13:39

The sand is generally divided into two categories, i.e. artificial sand and natural sand. Artificial sand, also called machine-made sand, which means rock particles less than 4.75mm made by the artificial sand making machine through soil-wiping treatment and screening. But it does not contain the soft rock and weathered rock particles. By the natural conditions (mainly rock weathering), particle size less than 5mm rock particles is known as natural sand.

The thickness of the indicators of the level and type of specifications of sand fineness modulus (characterization of the natural sand particle size) is divided into coarse, medium and fine.

Grit: fineness modulus of 3.7-3.1, the average particle diameter is more than 0.5mm
Medium sand: fineness modulus of 3.0-2.3, the average particle diameter is 0.5-0.35mm.
Fine sand: fineness modulus of 2.2-1.6, the average particle diameter is 0.35-0.25mm.
Extra Fine Sand: The fineness modulus of 1.5 - 0.7, the average particle diameter is less than 0.25mm

For these areas that are lack of natural sand, people use artificial sand makingmachines to make sand. So, there are many sand production lines nowadays around the world to make sand for construction use.

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