Ball Mill gear installation method

2016-01-08 16:20:30

     Ball Mill hosts should horizontal axis, measured at the top on both ends of the hollow shaft Dharma Blue, height should be consistent, when there is an error to allow the feed end to the discharge end higher than 1mm. At both ends of the hollow shaft bearing gland at the watch, hollow shaft and bearing gland surrounding the gap should be basically the same, and inside and outside of the gland should be basically the same slot. After adjusting the level of the host, before installing transmission section.
    First, check the quality of the case assembled transmission parts, mainly to check the situation of the pinion shaft and concentric reducer low speed shaft. Flank both sides of the width of the ball mill gear as a benchmark, installation and adjustment of transmission parts, the pinion gear tooth width ratio of the uniform.
    Contact marks from the gear size, the height of the contact marks should be accounted for over 60% of long, contact marks accounted for about 40% of the full height. If one end of the tooth surface contact marks tend width, that show is not parallel to the tooth surface. If the drive gear case Jisi a week, indicating that the gear gap is too small, and should leave the pinion gear a little big. After fixing a good ball position, ball mill as the center, to determine the position of the auxiliary beneficiation equipment.