Does the Structure of Ball Mill Affect Its Output Capacity?

2013-05-08 10:15:43

Structure of ball mill relates greatly to its output capacity. The following factors are the main reasons:
1.   Length-diameter Ratio of Ball Mill: it relates to the ball mill production mode. For the ball mill of open circuit grinding mode. In order to ensure the fineness of the final product is qualified for the first time, the length-diameter(L/D) shall be 3.5-6; For the closed circuit grinding ball mill, in order to enlarge the discharge value of the material, L/D =2.5-3.5.
2.   Chamber Quality of Ball Mill: Generally speaking, one ball mill usually has 2-4 grinding chambers. The larger the L/D ratio is, the more the chambers are. For the normal closed circuit ball mill: with two chambers, the length of the first chamber is the 30-40% of the whole chamber; the length of the second chamber is the 60-70% of the total length; for the three chamber ball mill, the length of the first chamber is the 25-30% of the whole chamber; the length of the second chamber is the 25-30% of the total length; the length of the third chamber is the 40-50% of the total length. For the open circuit ball mill, length of fine grinding chamber shall be increased. In the production process of high strength grade cement, lengthening the fine grinding chamber can prolong the fine grinding time and make the fineness of the final product qualified.
3.   Shifting Board of Ball Mill: Grate hole quality and size shall be appropriate. If the grate hole is not enough or is too small, the effective ventilation area of the shifting board will be small, which will increase the air draft resistance and also slow down the flow speed of material. If the grate hole is too much or too big, the strength of shifting board will be not enough. That will also allow the coarse particles go into the next chamber and increase the load and finally make the working of every chamber loose balance.
4.   Liner of Ball Mill: the surface shape of the liner also influence greatly to the ball mill’s output capacity, because it can change the hoisting height of the grinding medium. That means it will affect the impact force and grinding efficiency of the grinding medium.

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