The causes and solutions of the ball mill "belly up"

2017-02-08 14:49:54

    The rise of theball mill is closely related to the grinding concentration, and the grinding concentration is directly related to the ore feeding quantity. The concentration is too large or too small will adversely influence the normal work of ball mill. The concentration is too large, the flow velocity, and the grinding medium (steel ball) the impact of weak. The overflow type ball mill, the ore concentration may become thick; and the lattice type ball mill may have bulging phenomenon, the following causes the ball mill "belly" of the causes and solutions in detail.
    The cause of "bulge" is mainly due to the increase of ore quantity and the change of water quantity (pressure drop) and the sharp increase of grinding concentration. Sound becomes boring, can not hear the sound of the impact of the ball, watch the ammeter can see the current decline, indicating that the minimum power at this time, the ball mill has been grinding. If not promptly adjust quickly, the cylinder material will give mine belched out from the mill (commonly known as lean pull) caused by metal loss.
    "Bulging" phenomenon, the operator should not panic. To turn off the feeder, stop feeding, will open the rear proper water mill, reduce the proper discharge of water, the overflow concentration. Put up, the purpose is to reduce the amount of return mines, reducing mill load. After careful treatment and adjustment, generally about half an hour to be able to return to normal, the individual is still a little serious. When the discovery of the mine discharge ore concentration becomes thin, the amount of ore is getting smaller, you can hear the sound of the ball hit the liner; watch the current meter can be found to restore the normal electricity, these phenomena are said to have been resolved. At this time, you can restore the ore and other operating conditions, so that the ball mill to work properly.