The factors which influence the output of ball mill

2016-01-15 14:14:19

1, ball mill grinding process: ball mill grinding process can be divided into two major, open flow and closed-circuit, otherwise known as open or closed.
2, into the ball mill grinding material size: Ball is made of abrasive material size processing efficiency is extremely important factor, this thing is too big ball mill grinding material particle energy use, even down to 2%.
3, ball mill into the grinding material moisture and temperature: ball into the grinding material, in addition to particle size, moisture and temperature also affect the outer ball, efficiency into groundwater of substances in general through the General Assembly to improve the viscosity of the material, reducing the plant's production, general Comprehensive material into the mill water is reduced by 10% every 1% increase. The material is ground into the mill temperature is not too high, otherwise the ball paralyzed.
4, ball mill liners: ball mill cylinder liner is an important protection tool, avoid abrasive material for the cylinder and the impulse to form a direct attack.

    Ball Mill is dressing production line important grinding equipment, as beneficiation production line at the head of mineral processing equipment, mill production directly affects the yield and production efficiency throughout the production line, and so the use of the process, must strictly comply with the above several factors, thereby improving the yield of the mill.