The Wide Application of Sand Making Machine in Some Fields

2016-09-07 16:34:43

The natural sand cannot satisfy the marketing demand any more, and some places cannot be explored any more with the rapid expansion of the building construction in recent years, so that is the reason why the artificialsand making machinewere developed by human beings, and the artificial sand has been widely used in most of the fields because the raw materials that producing the artificial sand are various. The high quality artificial sand is much better on controlling the quality of the buildings by comparing with the natural sand, so one question has been provided now, that is how to turn the stones in the rivers into the sand, and what kinds of equipment are being used in the process, and how much the investment cost is.

The basic equipment that being used in the process is including the primary crusher, secondary crusher and sand making machine, of course including some auxiliary equipment such as the sand washing machine, vibrating screen and the conveyors. The primary crusher is pointing to the jaw crusher, which is the crushing equipment that being used in the first procedure for those raw materials, and the secondary crushers are pointing to the impact crusher and the cone crusher because some materials should be

crushed and shaped after being crushed by jaw crusher, and the materials also can be fed into the sand making machine to be crushed.
The process of turning the stones into sand will be using the similar equipment like the ordinary stone production line, and the only difference is that the type or specification will be different according to the various output. Our company can provide the complete sand production equipment for our customers, providing the comprehensive technological support according to the concrete requirement of our customers while specially designing the whole construction program by combining the jobsites situation in order to satisfy the customers.