How to Choose a Suitable Stone Crusher?

2013-08-15 10:10:09

How to choose a suitable stone crusher? Generally speaking, the mode or type of stone crusher mainly depends on the stone crusher user’s required final particle size of the stone.

Before choose the stone crusher, it is necessary for you to know the crushing force type of the stone crushers. Then, you can choose the suitable stone crushers based on the material properties, required final particle size and the crushing force of the stone crusher.

1.    If the raw stone is bigger and harder, it is better to adopt squash and impact force. There shall be some teeth in different shape. For example, jaw crusher, rod-toothed crusher.
2.    If the raw stone is smaller and hard, squash, impact force, grinding fore can be adopted. There are no teeth on the surface of the crushing tool, such as roll crusher.
3.    The powder or plastery type material can be ground, impacted and crushed by ball mill.
4.    If the abrasiveness of raw stone or ore is low, it is better to adopts impact, strike and grinding force to break them. There shall be some sharp teeth on the crushing tool.
5.    If the abrasiveness of raw stone or ore is strength. It is better to adopts squash force. The surface of the crushing tool shall be smooth.
6.    For stone or ore with high tenacity, it is better to adopts shear force, such as hammer crusher.

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